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Wholesale Products

EcoCay is committed to offering high-quality, sustainable products sourced from reputable suppliers.
Our range includes eco-friendly products like biodegradable sponges and scrubbers, as well as cleaning supplies with reusable spray bottles and refills, all designed to reduce waste and promote conscious consumption.


Your business can benefit from our wholesale products in two ways:


Greener Products in common areas in your buisness

By incorporating our products into your common areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen, you will be able to showcase your brand’s sustainability efforts and streamline eco-friendly practices. Using our products daily not only demonstrates your commitment to a greener environment but also attracts a growing number of eco-conscious customers who value green alternatives.


Sustainable product offering to your retail customers

Add sustainable options to your current product offering in your retail store. By selling our products, you provide your customers with the opportunity to make more sustainable choices, thereby fostering a greener Cayman Islands and reducing overall waste.

Contact us below to discuss options for your business and to obtain the wholesale order form.

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