Our Story


My name is Kensa and I am from Cornwall, UK, having relocated to Cayman in 2019. I have always been passionate about reducing waste, recycling from a very young age and as an adult ensuring I am opt for the most sustainable options.

Following multiple annual holidays to Cayman, it became apparent there were very poor recycling facilities as well as a severe waste management issue, i.e Mount Trashmore. In contrast to the now widely available online and brick and mortar zero-waste stores in the UK, Cayman's limited options left me feeling a little helpless. I missed the accessibility of these as soon as I arrived here and wanted to find a way to reduce the environmental threat posed by Mount Trashmore. 

The aim of EcoCay is to provide the opportunity for people wishing (and in a position) to move towards a zero-waste-minded lifestyle, whilst inspiring others to try out more sustainable options. EcoCay vow to ensure all carbon emissions from shipping are offset with tree planting. 

I admire companies committed to transparency and intend to keep this as a guiding principle for EcoCay. Updates and forthcoming plans will be shared with customers in full, with feedback both encouraged and appreciated - of the good or bad variety!

Thank you for visiting - together we can all make a difference.

Kensa x