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Vegan Condoms

Vegan Condoms

SKU: HP004

Can you believe that condoms are not vegan?!

These condoms are made from natural rubber latex and have been certified by the Vegan Society since 2006.

The production does not involve any animal components, such as casein and animal testing. Each individual condom is electronically inspected to guarantee safety.

Thanks to the natural colourings and flavourings, they are also suitable for sensitive skin, and are odourless and unltrasensitive.


Made in Malaysia in a sustainable and fair environment.


Package content: 10 pieces

  • Hydrophil

    Based in Hamburg, set up by three friends Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja, Hydrophil produces water-neutral, vegan and fair products.

    Set up in the middle of 2012, initially as a blog about water, after gaining inspiration on a bicycle tour through Hamburg. The blog eventually developed into discussions about whether it would be possible to produce products that were not only fair-traded, sustainable and vegan, but also had a water neutral production process, in light of the growing problems in this area.

    At least two thirds of the Earth are covered in water, with only 3% of this fresh water and therefore drinkable, hence making it a precious, limited commodity.

    2.1 billion fellow human beings worldwide have no access to clean drinking water, which was just one fact that caused the driving force being Hydrophil.

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