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Triangle Bra - Forget Me Not

Triangle Bra - Forget Me Not

The Forget Me Not Trriangle Bra from Stripe & Stare is made from the super soft modal, sustainably sourced from Beechwood and proven to be more than twice as soft as cotton. This natural fibre breathes with the skin making our bras the perfect choice to wear day or night for all day comfort. 


These bras are non-wired and have adjustable straps and a fixed seam. (We do not recommend them to be used for sportswear or for a fuller breast.



These are items that have arrived dirty in the travelling process therefore require a wash but are still as good as new!

  • Stripe & Stare

    I gave up buying firsthand clothes in January 2020, due to the harmful effects on the environment due to fast fashion, paired with the despicable conditions workers are faced with in factories and meaningless wages paid. This has been a fairly easy task here in Cayman due to the lack of shops! 

    I have a newfound appreciation for every single item I own in my wardrobe, compared to my previous disposable mentality I possessed when thinking about clothes. 

    I aimed to purchase all my clothes going forward from this point from 2nd hand outlets, whether that be purchasing off others or thrift shops, however underwear & loungewear is a tricky one as such an intimate thing. 

    I live in comfies 99% of my life and think I have owned my two bras (that barely fit) since around 2012. 
    Given this embarrassing statistic, after eyeing up this brand for a long time, I asked for some Stripe & Stare bras for Christmas and Santa made it happen. It's safe to say they are the softest, cosiest items I have ever come across and I am so very excited to be able to offer them to you all! 

    Please get in touch if you would like to view Stripe & Stare's full catalogue for preorder.

  • Size

    Bra Size chart 

    S&S Bra Size Cup Size
    Small 30" - 32" Up to a DD cup
    Medium 32" - 34" Up to a DD cup
    Large 34" - 36" Up to a DD cup
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