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The Stingray Doctor Paperback Book

The Stingray Doctor Paperback Book

SKU: LS002

When Little One learns that the stingray doctor is coming to Stingray City he is very confused. Of course, he is a wild stingray and wild stingrays do not need doctors. After a few moments of panic, he learns that he is a part of something very special.

Learn more about Southern stingrays with fun facts and coloring pages after the story.




Louisa Sax was born and raised in the Cayman Islands, giving her an intrinsic passion for the tropical ocean and its inhabitants. She achieved a Bachelors Degree in Animal Biology and a Masters Degree in Environmental Protection and Management in Edinburgh, Scotland before returning to Grand Cayman in 2015.

Louisa now has a career in ocean conservation and believes in the power of creatively educating young minds to generate change. She lives on the beach with her husband, Adam and “kids”, Tilly the rescue mutt and Flynn the ginger cat.

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