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Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup

Neon Kactus reusable cups feature a unique textured thermal sleeve and ergonomically designed splash proof lid, which means you can enjoy your coffee on the go.


These coffee cups use only 100% plastic free and fully recyclable materials. Precisely engineered from high quality, durable materials that are made to last.


Made to fit perfectly under all coffee machines and will be happily received by your coffee shop barista, making coffee on the go easy and stylish.


Neon Kactus reusable coffee cups are made from glass which is far less permeable than plastic, meaning your cup will not absorb residual tastes, odours or germs. The perfect way to enjoy your coffee.


Neon Kactus have partnered with non-profit Offset Earth to fully offset our carbon footprint and support a Climate Positive Workforce.

  • Neon Kactus

    Every Neon Kactus saves approximately 750 disposables from landfill!

    Set up by Neil Tombs and Charlotte Gornall in 2018 having worked over 20 years in the food and drink industry and witnessing the envirnomental impact of single use plastic in this indsutry, they wanted to make a positive change, and along came Neon Kactus.

    Style, design and performance are 3 important factors that haave been incorporated into these coffee cups, in order to encourage others to try and ditch the plastic!


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