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Children's Bamboo Toothbrush - Blue

Children's Bamboo Toothbrush - Blue

SKU: HP008

Children's bamboo, sustainable toothbrush.


Vegan, plastic-free and bristles made from renewable resources that are BPA free, with the handle being biodegradable.


For the sake of the environment, packed plastic-free in a recycled cardboard carton. 


The first climate-neutral toothbrush in Europe! Together with ClimatePartner, Hydrophil support climate protection projects in India. Would you like to know more? Just click here.

  • Hydrophil

    Based in Hamburg, set up by three friends Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja, Hydrophil produces water-neutral, vegan and fair products.

    Set up in the middle of 2012, initially as a blog about water, after gaining inspiration on a bicycle tour through Hamburg. The blog eventually developed into discussions about whether it would be possible to produce products that were not only fair-traded, sustainable and vegan, but also had a water neutral production process, in light of the growing problems in this area.

    At least two thirds of the Earth are covered in water, with only 3% of this fresh water and therefore drinkable, hence making it a precious, limited commodity.

    2.1 billion fellow human beings worldwide have no access to clean drinking water, which was just one fact that caused the driving force being Hydrophil.

  • Material

    Handle: 100% Moso Bamboo 

    Bristles: Castor oil, processed into organic nylon (BPA and petroleum free)

    Colour: Natural colour manufacturer AURO, solvent free

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