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Bamboo Cooking Utensils

Bamboo Cooking Utensils


These bamboo cooking utensils are perfect for all your cooking needs! The set includes 1x regular cooking spoon, 1x slatted spoon for picking food out of liquid, and one flat edged utensil for flipping and scraping. These are suitable for use with any pots and pans, and won't scratch non-stick.

  • Sustainably grown bamboo 

  • 3 in 1 set

  • Simple, minimal design

  • Super smooth finish

  • Zero Waste Club plant a tree for each set sold

  • Zero Waste Club

    Zero Waste Club pride themselves on their transparency, with makers being paid “superb wages”, no animals being harmed and reinvestment of 100% of their profits into research and development into affordable alternatives to single use items. For every item sold, a tree is planted, and so far they have managed to plant enough trees to produce oxygen to support 930 human beings a year!

    Set up by two friends, Rishi & Pawan, due to the continued frustration with extent of damage to the environment, the aim was to produce sustainable essentials at affordable prices, compared to other eco-friendly products on the market that are seen as a luxurious, expense item.

  • Bamboo

    Did you know many bamboo and wooden items are varnished with a plastic coating? That's pretty messed up. Zero Waste Club ensure that all of their bamboo products, like these utensils, are coated with naturally occurring oils like olive oil or soy oil to increase longevity...without the plastic!

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