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Reusable Tea Strainer

Reusable Tea Strainer


Teabags, something we don't consider as plastic waste, unfortunately (most of the time) contain plastic in their lining, therefore will not degrade in compost or soil.

Enjoy this plastic-free tea strainer with some guilt free loose leaf tea!


Reasons we love this:

  • The handle is wide enough to fit the largest of mugs, even teapots!
  • Fine mesh filters to ensure even the smallest tea leaves are caughty
  • Dishwasher safe, rust proof
  • Food grade stainless steel to ensure no metal taste
  • Zero Waste Club

    Zero Waste Club pride themselves on their transparency, with makers being paid “superb wages”, no animals being harmed and reinvestment of 100% of their profits into research and development into affordable alternatives to single use items. For every item sold, a tree is planted, and so far they have managed to plant enough trees to produce oxygen to support 930 human beings a year!

    Set up by two friends, Rishi & Pawan, due to the continued frustration with extent of damage to the environment, the aim was to produce sustainable essentials at affordable prices, compared to other eco-friendly products on the market that are seen as a luxurious, expense item.

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