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EcoCay Welcomes You

Buy 100% Sustainable

Welcome to EcoCay. By shopping our wide selection of eco-friendly, plastic free products, you will help reduce waste and directly contribute to the wellbeing of the planet, with a direct impact right here in the Cayman Islands. Check out our catalogue below and contact us with any questions. All prices are in KYD.

Please note - all orders received from suppliers are in plastic free, biodegradable packaging. 

EcoCay plants one tree for every order placed.

Variety of Bags

Our Ethos

Plastic Free Products

All products are plastic free, unless otherwise stated

No Toxic Chemicals

No harsh chemicals, with a huge range of cruelty-free vegan products

Biodegradable Products

Conserving Nature

Trees planting

One tree is planted for every order

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About EcoCay

Zero Waste Cayman

Our online eco-friendly product store was born from the desire to live in a more balanced world, without creating excess waste. Here in Cayman, we can all see the devastating impact our waste has on these precious islands. EcoCay has been set up with the belief we can all make a difference to reduce this. Established in 2020, each product has been carefully selected from reputable suppliers to create a conscious consumption cycle that benefits everyone. Browse our products and purchase today to join our community of sustainable shoppers.

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Our Return Policy

If you aren't satisfied with your product then please email so we can help!

We can work to sort out a refund in the case of defective products, or to arrange a credit note with unwanted products.

Paper Packaging

Our Shipping Policy

Once order has been paid, we will deliver according to our Christmas period holiday schedule.

Please let us know if you would like the order delivered by a specific date.

Shipping is free from West Bay to Savannah and $5 past Savannah.

All orders are sent using recycled packaging with no plastic and biodegradable tape.

Image by Liana Mikah
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