Coconut Heart Plate

Coconut Heart Plate


Huski's hand-carved eco-friendly coconut wood heart-shaped plates are made from coconut trees that no longer bear fruit.  By utilising this material that would otherwise be discarded, we help to reduce unnecessary waste.

Ideal for any meal of the day or used as a serving tray.


Product Specifications

  • Size: Approximately 21cm L x 17 W 
  • Please note, as these are a natural product, the plate you receive may differ slightly to the one pictured.
  • Care for your coconut wood cutlery by lightly oiling them regularly. You can use coconut oil or any other natural oil of your preference.
  • Huski Home

    Inspired by their son Leo, the eco-warrior at his school, Lisa and Luke began to discover ways they could personally become more sustainable and reduce waste at home. Using only natural bi products which they believe to be under utilised, Huski Home products were born.

    Their travel cups and lunchboxes are made from recycling rice husks, which are a bi product of rice harvesting, which if not ethically discarded, can be a biohazard. The coconut bowls are made from coconuts that have had their fruit removed and have been repurposed into beautiful goods, to avoid being placed in landfill. The remaining coconut range has been crafted from coconut tree wood, from trees that can no longer bear fruit, upcycling the wood for a new use.